Monday, July 14, 2008

Ghostly Guest!

Went into the laundry room tonight, and was surprised to see a gecko lizard on the outside of the window. He looked really spooky against the dark background. And not far away from him, but too far away to be able to catch them both in a single photo, there was a second gecko. Must have been a pair--how cute. They have these pads on their toes that let them stick onto any surface. We have had these in the house a number of times; we just catch 'em and put 'em back out.
Of course, I should mention the little red lizard that lived in the bathroom for about 3 years. We were never able to catch him, but we never tried too hard anyway, as we appreciated having him in there for his bug-catching abilities. The things one gets used to when living so close to nature!

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