Sunday, October 12, 2008

Saturday night update

Have been so busy lately, there has been no time to post...or quilt. We have an entire month of Jewish holidays now, so there is a lot of shopping and cooking to do. Whole days spent in synagogue and lots of company for meals. Plus in a week we will make a Bat Mitzvah dinner for Menucha, who just turned 12. We decided to make Chinese, so I have to get to work on the food--Pepper Steak, Sweet & Sour Chicken, etc. We can't get fortune cookies here so my DH brought a CASE of them when he came from the States. Will serve them with scoops of sorbet for a light and refreshing dessert.
Of course if you looked at my Profile you are probably wondering why a nice vegetarian like me is cooking all that definite carnivore food. It's because I am a VERY nice vegetarian, who cooks meat and stuff like that for anyone who wants it. I can cook a brisket with the best of them! I don't taste the meat when I cook it; I just cook by sense of smell. It's a little bit strange.

The little kitty is settling in nicely. She is very affectionate, and sleeps with Menucha in her bed every night (how can I get a photo of that to show you?). I want very badly to call her Abby, but Menucha is still not sure about the name.

Did get the 3rd border sewn onto the Spiderweb quilt. And tonight I almost finished sewing the strips together for the 4th one. Hope to finish it in the morning and sew it on.
I learned one thing from doing this quilt: when you're making a scrap quilt, it doesn't really matter what colors you use, or what fabrics, as long as there are a lot of them and as long as you make sure you have good CONTRAST. Does anyone else find that to be true?

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