Thursday, October 30, 2008

More quilts

Yes, it's another Yellow Brick Road quilt. This one is pink and green. Almost looks like Moda, doesn't it? It was the first one I made, and it was so so fun.

Yes, this is the kind of quilt we made in the olden days, hand applique and all. So simple and sweet. What year could this have been? I think it was 1998, because I remember working on it in Turkey when we were there on vacation.
Here's a nice soft quilt I bought on eBay. It just caught my eye. Has lovely hand-quilting. Have not bought many quilts on eBay, but this one was too nice to pass up. In really great shape.
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Anonymous said...

This heart quilt is almost the exact same one that you made for Chaya! Now I don't have to send you a picture of it!