Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Today was not such a productive day, but I'm still satisfied. Found the basket of scraps for the pink string quilt, and put together almost all the blocks I still needed. That in itself was a big accomplishment. Still debating over whether to machine quilt or tie it though. If there was a long-armer in the country, I think I would send it out to have Baptist Fans quilted all over it, but no such luck. So maybe just a nice meander in pink thread would do it...
Weather definitely turning wintery, with rain in most of the country. Here in Israel, winter is our rainy season, although the last number of years we have had a severe drought. So far we have already had some precipitation, with flooding in some areas. Hopefully the rain will continue...the whole region needs water badly.
While the rain was coming down outside, I felt the need to take out some quilts I hadn't seen since last winter. Photos are not so great, but here are a few I pulled out of the closet:
This was a Boston Commons quilt I did when I was pregnant with Menucha 13 years ago. I was on bed-rest and couldn't get to the LQS to shop for fabric, so I just put together whatever fabrics were in the house. Didn't have much for entertainment during those long months, so I quilted this one by hand.

This one was bought on eBay. I just loved the intense colors. Such a simple pattern, but such a strong statement! I sleep under this one in the winter.

Blogger is being uncooperative and is taking forever to upload photos. Will take a break and try again tomorrow.

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Mary said...

BOth quilts are lovely and I agree that the colors on the eBay quilt are great!

Baptist Fans do look great on string quilts but any meandering design does too - since string quilts were traditionally tied that would look great too. I'm going to tie one myself just for fun even though I do have a longarm.