Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Oldest UFO Around??

Today makes it 2 weeks that I haven't felt well. Am gradually improving, but still have a slight cough in the evening when the temperatures drop, and today I have no energy at all. While I was lying in bed drinking tea, I remembered some quilt blocks from way-back-when and actually got up and managed to find them. Here they are, on my design bed. These have to be my oldest unfinished blocks. Well, actually, I have an old Grandmother's Fan quilt top that I pieced even before these. Maybe I can dig that one up to show you too. Anyway, there are 18 of these Churn Dash blocks. They used to be sewed together and were waiting for borders. But that was too boring looking, so I took them apart a couple of years ago. I think they are waiting for sashing. Three of them have little tiny stains on them, but I think they will soak out. After that, I'm just going to put some solid blue sashing between them, and probably some yellow cornerstones.

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