Friday, November 14, 2008

Well, I think this was the final straw. I was so tired and spaced out from being sick for close to a month, I sent out notices about the BBF award and wrote the wrong URL for my own blog! Sunday morning, I'll go ahead and get my blood work done, just to rule out any possible problems.
I really need to get better already! Hanukka is coming soon, and I need to start working on some presents. Am already set with things for Menucha. I got her a DVD of her favorite Disney movie, the binding on her pink and white string quilt is just about done, and she already told me which book she would like. And I got her some really amazing boots yesterday.
For my son, a really good kitchen knife just like the one he loves to use at my house. For my daughter in law, some samplers I embroidered and had framed. For Little Love of my Life, Ariel, a new high chair, I think. For Emmy... let's see. I guess a new ball with a bell in it, to replace the one she finally lost for good. How many does that make so far?
For the older grandchildren, money usually fills the bill. And for the little ones, I'm making some new pillow cases. I love making those. And we'll see what else we can come up with...

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ROZ said...

Feel better soon! I knitted vests for my three granddaughters, and the grandsons will get Chanukah gelt. (Well, I give the girls gelt too.) I like the bright colors in the monkey wrench quilt that you are working on.