Monday, December 15, 2008

Hanukka Quilt

Was going through some UFO's, and look what I found--a little Hanukka wallhanging I had made a couple of years ago and never finished. And what wasn't finished about it? Would you believe, I had never pulled the threads from the quilting around to the back and tied them off. I have no idea why I didn't just finish it up. So I took 10 minutes and did it. Now I just have to sew on a hanging sleeve to the back, and we can hang it up for Hanukka, which is coming up very soon. What good timing that I found it now!
This was my first attempt at machine stippling, and it was really exciting. Also, the first time I had used a batik. And another first: I machine appliqued the Hebrew letters in the middle of the "draydels". Didn't come out too bad. LOL. Just needs a little pressing after sitting folded up in a pile for so long.
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Miri said...

Very cute little Hanukah quilt.

momtofatdogs said...

I admit that I am horribly ignorant of traditions related to Hanukka (did I spell that correctly?) - But your wall hanging is gorgeous!