Thursday, January 8, 2009

Our oldest grandson is getting married to a very sweet young lady in about a week and a half. After the wedding, it is traditional to have a week of parties and dinners to celebrate the event. I will be making a dinner at my house for about 30 people, and have started to plan the menu and do the cooking. Yesterday, I made the dinner rolls, individual flower-shaped challah rolls that will be at each person's place. Next week, I'll make a large challah. Will post a picture of it if it comes out nice. Don't these look yummy? Challah is a sweet bread, nice and fluffy. Dangerous for dieters! I put challah crumbs out for the birds in the mornings, and in addition to hordes of birds, Emmy the cat is out there eating the challah. She loves it. Then she has fun watching all the birdies when they take their turn.
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Anonymous said...

Scrumptious! Is how I would describe them! I love to bake--can't imagine preparing for 30 tho'. Jane