Wednesday, January 14, 2009

This looks a little funny, hanging over the rocking chair cushion. But it's a little quilty placemat-sized thing Menucha and I made together years ago. We were in Baltimore for the winter and there was a huge and glorious snowstorm. She was off from school for two weeks and we had a great time--me dragging her all over the place on her toboggan, building igloos and snowmen, drinking vats of hot cocoa, the works! At some point we decided to do an indoor activity. You know those little 1 1/2" swatches you get from Keepsake Quilting? Well, we had a box of 600 and decided to make a little project with some of them. She handed me swatches from the box, and I just kept sewing them together till we had the center of the placemat. Added borders and quilted it, and voila! A nice project for a snowy day. Then we made a second center but never finished it up. So that's the next UFO in line.
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andsewitis Holly said...

A very sweet little quilt. It would make a cute table topper.

Karen said...

Love your mini quilt. So colourful.