Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Emmy the Quiltin' Cat

This cat will sit on a quilt no matter where she finds it. Here she is sitting on the quilt I am working on...on the ironing board. Good thing the iron wasn't on there. And I guess I'm not working on that quilt right now, am I? Have to wait till Her Majesty has finished her nap. Oh, good, she's waking up. Emmy, come get some nice kitty treats, and get off that quilt!
This is a Schoolhouse quilt started a LONG time ago. I made one block and quit, and forgot why I didn't make the rest. Could it be because the pattern was written wrong??? Like wrong measurements for the block size and the sashing pieces and the borders? Could it be because it was a very boring little pattern? All of the above. Well, when I picked it up to work on it last week (I will finish every last one of those UFO's, I will), I didn't remember that the measurements were all wrong. So I had to redo it from the start. And it just had plain borders, how boring, so now it is getting some prettier ones. But of course those were cut according to the incorrect measurements, so...this is going to take some work. However, I'm happy to be making something with triangles. Have been making nothing but string quilts lately and have forgotten how to do triangles. Actually, it's that Irrational Fear of Triangles. Anybody else out there dislike triangles?
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Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! Your kitty knows a wonderful quilt when he/she sees it. Are those hand-dyed fabrics on the houses?