Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A visit with the Beitar Bobbins? Babes? Bees?

I had the most wonderful day yesterday. A group of quilting ladies who had stumbled on my blog invited me to their meeting in Beitar Ilit, a lovely little town to the south of Jerusalem. This involved riding on several buses, but I got there without any problem, and the scenery the whole way there was stunning! Beitar is built on a mountain, and is surrounded by beautiful mountains. I would never get bored of the view.
The ladies meet every Monday at the house of Etty, who has taught most of them to quilt. And a great job she has done too. They have a beautiful album of all of their completed quilts, and it is like a journal of their progress. Etty's house is so nice. She has a beautiful hand-quilted Double Wedding Ring quilt on the sofa, and her sewing room is just a dream.
I had never met the ladies in my life (with the exception of Bryna, another Baltimore expat), but by the time I left it felt like they were old friends. I was floating on air the whole way home, and couldn't fall asleep last night as I was still so excited.
I know, you want to see photos of their quilts. I was so thrilled by the whole thing that I forgot to pull out my camera and get some shots. Well, they meet every Monday morning, so I hope that next Monday I will be back there and will be calm enough to remember to take some pictures!

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Sara said...

Hi Susan,
I so much enjoyed your visit with us and you sharing your expertise (being able to "pick your brain"). Keep on comin'.