Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Okay, an hour is about all I can take of this. Good thing I don't have bad knees or a bad back, it's really murder doing this pin-basting on the floor. One day I'm gonna get me one of those tables and do it the right way, but for now this is what we're stuck with. At least it's done, and we can go on to the fun part, the quilting. Oh, I forgot, we have to CLOSE all these pins. Duh.
Poor Emmy has been banished for the afternoon, so she won't come along and roll on the quilt, which she loves to do. I would hate to see her turned into a furry pin-cushion with all these open pins.
Meanwhile, the real sign of Spring has been spotted in our yard--a mother cat with four adorable kittens. They all have little white paws, and are so tiny and perfect. Of course the Cat Person, Menucha, has her eye on one of them. Uh oh.
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Love your quilt! I know exactly what you mean about basting! It's really tough going on the floor, and I too have a pet who inadvertently wants to be on the quilt! But it is worth the end result! Can't wait to see it finished!