Friday, May 15, 2009

Amandajeans's Quiltalong

Amandajean over at crazymomquilts is having a block-a-day quiltalong. The idea is to make one nine-patch a day, and then by the summer you'll have enough for a quilt top. I was thinking of joining the quiltalong, but then in the back of my mind, the little quilty-guilty voice said, "and what about those nine-patches you have in the bottom of that pretty little basket on the shelf?" Took down the basket, and what do you know, there they were, a bit wrinkly but still and all, some nice nine-patches. I made these out of some vintage fabrics I got off of eBay a while back. So guess what, I'm not going to play along with the group. I'm gonna IRON these blocks and make something out of them. And woohoo! There are a lot of them!
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Miri said...

Oh these are lovely! Glad you found them again!

Anonymous said...

I would love it if i'd forgotten all about these and then found them again, what a nice surprise they're lovely!!