Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Machine quilting

Was remembering today how afraid I was of machine quilting, till I just took the plunge. I can't say I'm the best machine quilter today, but I do my best with it, and try to enjoy the process. And now that I have become braver about the whole thing, I am making headway through the pile of tops that were languishing on the shelf.
Of course, I am still struggling with my poor injured finger. The stitches were supposed to come out yesterday, but I was told to let it wait till Sunday. Not only that, my walking foot has been acting up for weeks--maybe months--and that is slowing the quilting down considerably. Have not been able to get a replacement walking foot; the Bernina store here has had them on order from Switzerland for over three months already. I call them every week and they say it's "coming in soon". I just have to laugh about it, it's so funny. Otherwise I would be aggravated--and is it worth it to be aggravated over such things?
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3 comments: said...

Hi Susan, sorry to hear you are having problems with your walking foot. My Bernina dealer is in Petach Tikvah and they come to Yerushaliam all the time. Their phone number 0505 342199 for Natan or the shop is 03 930 8219. Natan doesn't speak English (a real mentch) and you are a Hebrew speaker. He may have a new walking foot for you :-). Good luck. Missed seeing you last Monday :-(. Hope to see you this Monday. All the best, Sara

andsewitis Holly said...

Oh Susan, your machine quilting looks great. I hope someday I can quilt half as well as you. I still haven't taken the plunge. Hope your finger heals quickly.

True Blue Nana said...

Your machine quilting looks really good. I started with straight line quilting and then when I got braver I did free motion.