Monday, June 15, 2009

Story of a Miracle

This morning, as I was on the way out to catch the bus to Beitar, the phone rang. It was my neighbor's husband. He said, "Do you still have anything to do with quilts?" Well you know what the answer to that was. And what was he calling about? It turns out that an old friend of their family, an 80 year old lady, had sent them a quilt in the mail from America, but on the way here it got all creased and the "things that were sticking out were all bunched up". And did I know how to fix it? I said I didn't know, but I would give it a try.
You can bet I ran right over to pick it up from him, and look what a beauty it was.
I took it with me to the quilt meeting in Beitar, and everyone had suggestions on how to get the little flowers to lie back down nicely. In the end, I brought it home, misted it with a bit of water, and flattened all those wonderful little flower petals down with my fingers. And voila! it worked.
But that wasn't the end of the story. After it had dried a bit, and was starting to look really nice, I brought the little quilt back across the street to my neighbor. And this was what he told me...
It seems that this lady, who was a wonderful quilter, had had a massive stroke. She was left with a lot of disability. One day she perked up and said, "Quilting is going to be my therapy". And she started back on the work that she had loved. Her daughter asked her to make a queen-sized quilt for her, and somehow she made all the blocks for it. It was pretty huge, so someone else put the blocks together for her. But she made those blocks.
Now my neighbors had been calling her in America every day to see how she was doing, to lend their support, and give their love. At some point, they asked her if she would make them a little tiny quilt block, so they could have one of her special creations. And this is what she sent them... all hand work, folks. From a lady who wasn't expected to make it.
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