Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Kitty Heaven

No trip to Baltimore is complete without a visit to Kitty Heaven. This is what we call the ASPCA, or as it's known, "Defenders of Animal Rights". This is the most wonderful place, where the cats and kittens are in 2 big rooms, not in cages. The people who work there are happy to have people come and play with their animals while they are waiting to be adopted. The dogs are kept in individual pens, but you can take them out for a walk on the grounds if you like. So we usually spend a couple of hours there, playing and petting. And of course, the cats just come right up to Menucha, who they love at first sight.
While we were there, this nice black and white cat, Reba, who you can see in the picture below, was adopted by a lady for her elderly father who has Parkinson's Disease and diabetes. She said her father is usually very restless and can be downright irritable, but sitting with the cat on his lap for a long time really calmed him right down. That was beautiful to watch.

Guess who didn't want to leave!
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