Tuesday, September 1, 2009

No Photos Today...

I'm really tired, and don't have the energy to post any pictures. But it was a good day. Walked two miles at 6:30 a.m. Got Menucha off to school. Correction: she now gets herself off to school. Miss Independent no longer needs my help making lunch, organizing her books, getting dressed, or any of the other myriad tasks required to get ready for school. So I am now in semi-official retirement *LOL*!
After she left, I caught the two buses out to Beitar for the weekly quilt meeting. Haven't been there in about a month and a half, and it sure was great to see those ladies again. The warm atmosphere and the caring attitude is so special. I still appreciate every minute of it.
I am almost finished quilting my little wonky stars quilt. One row of fans left to go. I love quilting those fans, they just work magic on the surface of the quilt. Of course, these are the worst quilting stitches I have sewed in my life, all of them put in under the worst conditions. Terrible lighting, turbulence on airplanes, etc. Just pathetic. But I have decided to love it anyway. Have to take my MIL to a doctor's appointment tomorrow, maybe I can get some more done. Don't you just love doctors' appointments, just for the sewing you can get done while you wait?

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Roxanne said...

I just said so-long to my beautiful daughter who has visited CT(and other) for a week and lives in Tel Aviv. I look in on my Israeli quilter "friends" to feel even more connected. Welcome home.