Friday, September 4, 2009

The Torture Chamber

Welcome to the Torture Chamber. A secret corner hidden in the playroom, that only I have access to. A year ago, I used to be in great shape. I ran every day, and really felt good. Then I came down with the dreaded CMV Mono, which laid me low for months and months. Couldn't do any exercise at all during that period. And never was able to get back to a really regular running schedule. Well, when I came back home from my vacation, I decided to get my act together and really work on getting back in shape. So every day I have been walking between 2 and 3 miles. Yesterday, I also ran half a mile. And a couple of times a week, I use THIS:

As you may already have figured out, quilting is a pretty sedentary occupation (or in my case, preoccupation). This tends to add on some flab. So I have determined to Fight Flab. And to remove the Baskin-Robbins from wherever it has settled on me. Not to mention the Snickers bars. And okay-I admit it-the Dunkin Donuts. There. My secret is out.

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andsewitis Holly said...

The Torture Chamber - lol - I love that name. Looks like you have a really good setup and with all the walking you are doing, you'll be back in shape in no time.