Thursday, October 15, 2009

Quilting for Comfort

We have had a pretty hard week. Last Wednesday, Menucha complained rather suddenly that she was having trouble reading. She was holding the book right up to her nose! So on Thursday morning we paid a visit to our optometrist, who we have known for years and respect highly. He told us that Menucha needs glasses, but he wouldn't prescribe them for her just yet, as he wanted us to have her eyes checked further by an opthamologist. He had seen something in the back of her eye that he couldn't get a good enough view of because he couldn't dilate her eyes, and he wanted it to be checked. So on Monday we went to the opthamologist, who confirmed what the first doctor had seen--a problem with the optic nerve. His recommendation: a neurologist. And a neuro-opthamologist. So yesterday we took her for the Visual Field exam that both of those doctors need done before they will see her. The Visual Field exam confirmed again that there is something wrong with the optic nerve.
So here is our schedule so far for next week. Sunday: neuro-opthamologist. Monday: pediatric neurologist. There are one or two more specialists we are trying to get appointments with. In addition to all of that, I have to call Menucha's orthodontist to see if he can take the braces off her teeth if she needs to have an MRI. All of this is being viewed with some urgency by every doctor we speak with.

I'm so grateful that I have been walking every morning. It's been helping me to cope with the tension from all of this. And while we are sitting in doctors' waiting rooms, I have my hand-piecing to do while we wait. It keeps my hands busy and stops my mind from running away in all kinds of negative directions.

Please keep my little Menucha in your prayers. I will be back next week with updates on what is happening. Hopefully it will only be good news...
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Blogless me said...

Good luck with all the tests you have to go through and hope for the best. It seems you are in good hands with your doctors and I am sure the quilting community will be thinking of you.