Friday, October 2, 2009

This has been a busy week. Other than making time to walk in the mornings, there has been very little ME time. No time for sewing, or blogging, or anything! (Well, I did read the latest Keepsake Quilts catalog in the bathroom, I'll admit to that.) We have been busy with the Jewish holidays--New Year, Yom Kippur, and tonight we start the weeklong holiday of Succot. More on that later, including some pictures of the lovely little decorated hut we built on the porch! We will take our meals in it for the next week, and some of us will even sleep out there at night. The weather is perfect for a sleep-out!
Now you might want to know why this picture is on here. Somebody, and I will not name that somebody, left a piece of her Silly Putty on my husband's bed the other night, and he didn't realize it. He folded down the top edge of the quilt, and the Silly Putty got all over the quilt. Everywhere. Luckily, we have Google to the rescue! A couple of clicks later, I had found out what to do, and I was soaking the quilt with hand sanitizer, I'm not kidding, and brushing it with a toothbrush. That got off the Silly Putty, just like magic, but there was lots of pink color all over the place, that wouldn't come out. I sprayed the whole thing with Zout, AND Oxygen (wasn't taking any chances), popped it in the washer, and hung on the line to dry. Voila! As good as new!
And yes, you may ask why I have one of those quilts from China. I'll be honest with you. I bought 2 of these from Lands End about 20 years ago, before I even knew that buying quilts from China might not be so good. And they are my absolute favorite summer quilts.

Oh, the other great news is that my parents came yesterday from Florida, and my sister and her family are arriving today from Boston.
We are going to have another busy week! See you when things quiet down a bit!
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jaybird said...

as long as you love the quilt that is all that matters in my book!! i'm glad you got the mess out!