Thursday, November 26, 2009

Look what I found!

This may not mean a lot to you gals (or guys) who are over in the States and you can just walk in to the store and pick up one of these cans, but it means a lot to me, sittin' over here in Jerusalem, where one of these can be kind of rare. But I was going through my pantry today and found a lovely can of Libby's pumpkin, just waiting for me there in a corner. And just when Menucha and I were feeling a little nostalgia for the good old U.S. of A. and thinking about Thanksgiving. So straightaway we opened it up and made us a nice pumpkin pie.
We have a lot of company coming for the weekend, as we have a party for the new baby and also the bar mitzvah of a grandson. I'll have to decide whether to hide the pie and keep it for Menucha and me, or if I'm gonna share. :-)
Very big decision.

On the quilting front, I started to pull some fabrics, and am auditioning them for a quilt for the new baby.
I just love sailboat quilts for little boys and have made my share of them.

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momtofatdogs said...

I am guilty of taking my luxuries for granted. Thanksgiving was today & though we are giving THANKS for many things, I think we should be thankful EVERYDAY. Reading your post makes me very thankful for what I have & where I am. (And we didn't have a pumpkin pie today!!!)
It's amazing what we have stashed in our pantries, isn't it? Even when there is "nothing to eat".
I grew up SO poor. And we had to walk to the store to get groceries, or take the bus.... I am SO totally guilty of over buying so that I do not run out. I am very thankful for the ability to "run to the store" for just about anything. Thank YOU for reminding ME that I have more blessings in my life than I can ever count.


Miri said...

LOL! We bring cans of Libby's pumpkin from the US because what would Thanksgiving be without pumpkin pie! (We have a big
Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings every year).