Sunday, November 8, 2009

Scrappy Mountain Majesties

Nearly two years after piecing the blocks for this quilt, I took pity on it today and finally sewed on some borders. Am not that pleased with them, as the inner border could have been a little narrower, but I was worried that the poor quilt wouldn't cover the sides of the bed properly, so I made that border a little wider than usual.
Am sure that the little grandson this quilt is for will not notice a thing! :-)

There are a number of bloggers out there who are running challenges to finish UFO's before the end of the year. I was really tempted to sign up for one of them this time, but after looking at my UFO list, decided not to join in. I guess I just don't need any pressure right now. There is going to be enough to do pretty soon anyway, with the great-grandchild on the way in November and a new grandchild expected in December. I'm sure that when the grandchild is born, his parents and older sibling will be moving in with us for a couple of weeks for some TLC. Hmm...maybe I should think about doing some cooking and baking in advance? Or maybe I should sew as much as I can now before things get way too busy?
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Kathie said...

good for you finishing a quilt
it looks great and your right your grandson is just going to be happy with his own quilt!
good luck with the house vote sew like crazy you can always cook when they are there!