Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Yes Indeed

That was exciting news yesterday. A new great-grandchild.
We hope to get all 5 generations together next week, including my mother-in-law, for whom this is a first great-great grandchild. For now, mommy and baby are resting contentedly in the hospital, at the start of their new life together.

On another exciting topic, I have decided to go back to school. This is not an easy decision. I have been out of school for...well, I'd rather not say how long it's been. And I'm not that confident about going back--it's been a long time since this old brain was used for anything very challenging. But I'm gonna give it a try. My DD in Houston is an adviser for a college that helps people go back and get their degrees, even after being out of school for years, so she is helping me out with it. And her friend, who lives here in Jerusalem, is an adviser for the same college program, so she is now guiding me through the process. I'm trying not to think about it too hard--it's too scary!

And now, I have to run and start the baby quilt. You'll have to excuse me.

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