Monday, January 4, 2010

Another great Monday

I have decided that Monday is really my favorite day of the week. Because on Monday, I go to the quilt meeting in Beitar. Look what one of the ladies showed today:

It's a needlepunch picture, with a frame she made to match the picture. Don't you love this? It has such a folk-art feel to it.

I brought along my Scottie dogs so I could lay them out with the sashing strips on Etty's big table. In the end, I laid them out on the small table in her kitchen, as there was some big-time quilt-pinning going on on the big table. I have to take some pictures of the rest of the blocks, they are so cute. Each one was made with a different 1930's reproduction fabric. I did the applique about a hundred years ago, and now I decided to finally go ahead and finish this project up.

Later on in the day, I was walking in downtown Jerusalem with my new friend Emily (I'll get a picture of her next time.). We were walking right UNDER the amazing String Bridge at the entrance to the city. And I just HAD to stop and get a picture of it from down below. It was a breezy day, and the clouds were moving along behind the strings, it was really fantastic.

The true story behind this picture is that we were crossing the busy intersection near the bridge and I stopped IN THE MIDDLE OF THE INTERSECTION to pull out my camera because it was the best angle I had ever seen the bridge from. Lucky for me, I was with Emily, and decided that just to get a good picture I was not going to get the two of us run over by a car. So we crossed over to the other side of the street and then I found another good place to take the picture.

Below the bridge, there is a lovely little walkway, with the paving stones set in concentric circles. I wonder who had the wonderful idea to do this?

Am having some trouble with Blogger, which didn't want to include the other picture I took of these paving stones. Will have to include them in my next post. Aargh.
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what a great NOT like
what I would think of being in Jerusalem!