Tuesday, January 5, 2010

No photo needed...

My feelings today are hard to describe--exhiliarated, terrified, and hopeful are only some of the words I would use.
I met for the first time this morning with my student advisor, and made up the list of the courses I will need to finish my Bachelor's degree. The last time I was in school was...1974?? I got married young and never completed my studies. Got busy with babies and other things, never had the time or the money, had to work full-time, and Life just took over. I don't think things are any less busy now, but my little Inner Voice is telling me that now is the time.
I am going to try to carve out a little space in my life for my studies, and try to DO THIS. At my age (55), it is a very scary and intimidating prospect indeed. I worry that the old brain doesn't work quite as well as it did 35 years ago. But I feel that I have to try.
If you have done this, of know of someone who did, I would appreciate any words of advice and wisdom you have to offer.

I'm a College Girl now. (can't see through the tears)


heather said...

Good for you!

Nancy Anne said...

Susan - I was younger (27) and a young Mom with 2 kids and I was helping my husband run his plumbing business when I went back. I felt the same way - terrified, excited, thrilled! And I made it, so you can too!! Just one warning - as an older student, be careful of becoming obsessive about the grades. I was devastated when I got a grade of 93 on a math exam - it wasn't a perfect grade!!! After that, I started to be a bit more realistic and still got great grades! Have fun and enjoy every minute of it!!

Marjo said...

Fantastic decision!! I'm 35 years old and starting to study. From the moment I finished school I worked in our family business. After 50 years the business stopped, my family members retired. I was the only one who was too young to stop. I found another job immediately, but soon found out that everyone wants to see diplomas, experience is less important. I'm really nervous, like you I'm wondering if I can do it..
I want to wish you all the best!!!!

belinda said...

Congrats!! Well....all I can say is you just GO GIRL!! This is just amazing...I'm just 2 yrs. younger than you and I can not imagine me going back to school!!
What courage you have!!!