Sunday, January 31, 2010

Nighttime in Jerusalem

Tonight a lady came to my door, a very poor lady who was in need of help. All of her family has passed away, she has no husband or parents or children. Two weeks ago, her brother passed away, leaving her utterly alone, and for the most part destitute. As she stood in my doorway hoping we would be able to give her some assistance, she noticed the quilt I had been working on, sitting on my work table.
"Oh," she said. "Are you making a quilt?" "Yes, I am," I replied. "Would you like to come in and see it?"
And she came inside, and went from room to room, admiring the quilts on the walls, on the couch, and wherever. She said, "I love quilts. They remind me of craft fairs I used to go to in America, long ago. They're so beautiful."
As she held the quilts in her hands, I saw the tension drop from her shoulders, and a light came into her eyes. It was as if for a moment, her cares and her troubles could all fall away, as a smile began to play on her lips.

After she had left, I sat for a while and thought, about quilts and why we make them. And then I realized, that the real reason we make our to make someone smile. Either a child we have made a quilt for, or someone who will see a quilt at a show and take pleasure in the sight, or someone more unfortunate than ourselves who needed a warm cover and received one of our charity quilts, or anyone who needed a smile and can feel the love coming through the work of our hands.
Just some thoughts, as I end my day.
Have a good night, my friends, and may God bless you all.

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Etty said...

I absolutely loved this. No one could say it better. I'll be thinking about this story for a long time. Thanks so much.