Thursday, February 18, 2010

Just Checking In

I'm really quite tired, after a long and busy day. It's nighttime here in Jerusalem, but I wanted to at least say hello before I go off to bed.
This morning I had to go to town, to one of my least favorite places--the Ministry of the Interior. This was probably my 4th trip there in the last couple of months, as it was taking time to straighten out my visa issues. But today it finally was finished, and Menucha and I are once again in the country legally--for now.
Right in front of the Ministry building, there were the most beautiful trees with purple blossoms. I wasn't the only one taking pictures of them. A whole bunch of Japanese tourists were doing the same thing. I don't think these are as beautiful as the cherry trees in Japan, but they're good enough for me! I remember going to see the cherry trees flowering in Washington D.C. one year. That was a sight to see.

I had just come home from my long day of struggling with beauracracy, when guess who arrived to visit with Savta (grandma)? My little sweetheart, Ariel. He hardly sat still for a minute--there is so much to do at Savta's house. We had a good time together! After he finished supper, his father came to pick him up. Now the house is too quiet!

I have a little battery-operated Winnie the Pooh that blows bubbles. This was the first time Ariel had seen him. He was absolutely fascinated!

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