Thursday, February 11, 2010

Not to make you jealous, but...

Yesterday we had to drive to Tel Aviv to take care of some business at the American Embassy. Little did we know it, but the Embassy was just one block away from the ocean. So after we were done, we took a lovely walk on the beach. I'm not going to post any pictures, because I know so many of my friends are snowed in right now, and don't want to hear about walks by the Mediterranean in the sunshine. We heard last night that our house in Baltimore is surrounded by 6-foot drifts, and that my husband's car is covered completely. I'm feeling so guilty that we spent the day yesterday in warm weather.
Here's just a little souvenir...

In the quilting department, I got the binding sewn onto my 9-patch. This was the first time I used a single-fold binding, and I really like the nice, compact look. It seems to go well naturally with the vintage fabrics, and I can see how it would have been a good idea when fabric wasn't easy to come by. It really uses less fabric than the double-fold binding we are all used to making.

I was in the button-clipping mood last night, and thought I would cut off the buttons from this lovely little Baby Gap skirt found at my local thrift shop. Look at all those buttons!! There are three rows of them, and they run all the way around the skirt. And the adorable embroidered people! After admiring the skirt for a while, I decided that it was too wonderful, and I couldn't bear to cut those buttons off, no matter how nice they would have looked in my button jar. So I guess it will wait until one of the granddaughters is the right size to wear it.

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Blogless me said...

I was so glad to read you are keeping this little skirt intact - what a find it is ! I'd like to find one like that for my daughter. It is absolutely adorable.