Sunday, February 14, 2010

Spring Cleaning

With my apologies to all of you who are still snowed in, the temps here went up to 80 today. Trees are flowering everywhere, and this morning we passed the most exquisite display of tulips. With all of this Spring-like activity, it was only natural to get the urge to CLEAN. But honestly, I didn't get the urge to clean the house. That will come soon, I know. No, I decided to organize my stash. Yes indeed, it only took two days.
Here is my cabinet, with the bigger pieces of fabric. On the bottom, fabric for backings. On the top shelf, all the solids. In the middle, my piles of reproductions. Blues and pinks are in their own stacks. The Kaffe Fassetts are in there somewhere, a little hard to see them, but don't worry, I know exactly where to get my fingers on them. You can see the pile of the whites and neutrals near the bottom. I had thought I was running out of white, but no, not yet. Maybe in a year from now.

The thing you CAN'T see in this picture is my scrap bins. And no, I am never going to show you those.

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