Monday, March 8, 2010

Back from the Bee

We had another wonderful meeting of our quilt group in Beitar this morning. Rina brought in a gorgeous Log Cabin, done in the most fantastic colors. Sara helped her pick the fabrics and what a great job they did! The ladies helped her baste the quilt, and I'm hoping that soon I'll have pictures of the finished product to show you.

Naomi lives upstairs from Etty, whose house we meet at. She comes up with the most creative ideas all the time. Every week, she has something new and original to show us. Today she brought this little picture in a frame. I just love those flowers, and the frame is amazing. She hand-painted it, and the most interesting thing about it--she says the frame, which is puffy-feeling, has gel inside it. I wonder how she did that!

Shifra is a new quilter, but you would never know it. She saw an idea for a similar quilt to this one in a magazine, and created this original design. The flowered fabrics were from a dress she had made her daughter years ago.

She must have enjoyed making that quilt, because then she went ahead and made a second one!
I am in awe!

This was our last meeting until after the Passover holiday, which starts in three weeks. I am really going to miss the ladies. I love them all. And Etty--you open your home and your heart to us, you are always willing to share your expertise and knowledge with everyone, and you make us all feel so welcome. You epitomize the best of what quilting represents. Thanks again from the bottom of my heart.
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Quilting Corner said...

I enjoyed reading your blog about the Quilting Corner. Our group would be at a terrible loss without you! Thank you for the lovely words about me. I feel very humble.