Wednesday, April 28, 2010

No News Yet...

Still no baby, but that's okay, I'm having a good time with the grandchildren while we wait for the new arrival. This is the quilt I brought along with me for him/her.

We've been in Houston for two days now, but I am still having a little problem with jet-lag. Woke up this morning at 3:00 and couldn't go back to sleep. Didn't want to wake up the rest of the family, so I'm not kidding, I've been sitting in the powder room and stitching the applique blocks for my Orange Peel quilt. It's the cover quilt on Kathleen Tracy's book, Remembering Adelia. Since we left Israel, I've gotten 15 little blocks done. They are so cute! Of course I can't show you a picture, because I'm still in the powder room and my camera is in the bedroom where Menucha is sleeping. But I can just tell you they are cute and you will have to take my word for it.

The only other thing I have in here with me is the Amish Abstractions book, which is already starting to look a bit worn. That's because I have looked through it so many times already. I just love those Amish quilts. Back in the 1980's I used to work as an administrative assistant at a company that was having some financial troubles. The stress at that place was unreal. Rather than quit my job, which I really needed, I asked my boss if I could have one day off a week, kind of a "mental health day." And she agreed to it. So every Wednesday, I was off from work. And every Wednesday, I used to pack a picnic lunch in the car, and head up to Lancaster, PA. I would just drive around through the farmlands, enjoying the peacefulness of the surroundings. I bought fresh vegetables from the little roadside stands that dotted the countryside. These were generally on the "honor system", and the customer was trusted to take his veggies and put the payment in the cigar box provided. I'd shop at the stores in Amish houses where the Amish ladies bought their fabrics. And I'd love seeing the amazing quilts (and clothing) hanging on the laundry lines outside their houses. This was so relaxing to me, I still remember it fondly to this day.

Golly, it's 6:25 a.m. and still no one is up. What is it with these folks? I'd like to get dressed and go out to walk, but am afraid to wake anyone up. Yesterday I was dressed and ready to go out at 5:30, and was about to open the door of the house to exit, when it suddenly occured to me that maybe the alarm system was on. So I stayed put. And guess what, it WAS on, and if I had gone out at 5:30 not only would I have awakened the family, but the whole neighborhood as well. So my son-in-law kindly told me the passcode, so the next I decide to go out at the crack of dawn I can avert sure disaster!

I guess I'll sit and stitch me another Orange Peel block. Not much else to do in here. Have a great day!
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Sara Fiedler said...

Susan you really made me LAUGH!!
The powder room and with your laptop.
I love hearing all about Lancaster. I have always wanted to go there but unfortunately haven't as yet. I hope some day.
Have a lovely day.