Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Free Greenery

While we were away in Houston a little while back, some of my plants left behind in Jerusalem died, including the geraniums in front of our door. But in our absence, a sweet potato in the potato bin decided to sprout. I found it when we returned home, and figured I should put it in water, as it was doing so well. And look what a pretty plant it is turning into!

I put it in the corner of the counter in the kitchen, and it is starting to grow all along the counter. Down below it on the left you can see a little avocado seed that has put down a root. Since this picture was taken, a nice green shoot has sprouted from the top. I love plants that can be started from a seed which we would otherwise have thrown away!
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sarafiedler@gmail.com said...

Hi Susan,
Ocassionaly I have also found sweet potatoes starting to grow in the bin. I have started them for som grandchildren to have their own plants to take care of. They really like them until they get tired of taking care of them :).