Thursday, July 1, 2010

Now That's a-Peel-ing!

Sewed together all my little Orange Peels this morning. Some of them are a little bit (ahem) crooked, so I think I will re-do them.
It would have helped if I had read the pattern before I sewed them all. :)
Please do Not double-click for a closer look!

Well, at least from a distance it looks all right.


Blogless me said...

Well, I always listen and obey ;-), so I double-clicked but no image appeared. Have you really deleted it, or is it a bug in Blogger? said...

Susan the crockedness is not really noticable at all. Do you really want to redo any of them? I think it looks good. How do you plan to use it? said...

wow my spelling needs improvement or I need to "preview" what I write before I send it on :)