Monday, August 23, 2010

Itamar's Quilt

Some of you may remember when my grandson, Baby Itamar, 

was born somewhere back in January. When he was born, I made some Sailboat blocks for his quilt.

But then I got stuck, and had some trouble deciding how to put the blocks together. And then some of the red fabric RAN. (not the star fabric I used for the boats, a red-and-white gingham I was using for the sashing.) So that project was dropped. Like a Hot Potato!

Poor Baby Itamar. No quilt. From what I heard, Big Brother Ariel was being very nice about sharing his quilt with Baby Brother.
But still. Itamar needed a quilt. The grandmotherly guilt was kicking in big time! Then one day last week I was re-organizing my fabric stash, and came upon a lovely bunch of 4 1/2" squares. Perfect. After asking his parents whether Itamar would be offended by the presence of pink in his quilt, I proceeded to put them together...and now Itamar has a quilt of his own!

By the way, I learned to do two new things on this quilt. Rather than bring the binding around to the back and sewing it down  by hand, as I usually do and have done for years, I attached the binding completely by machine. I hope no one will look too closely. But it did work. I used a method of sewing it so the stitches are invisible on the front. They only show in the back.
The other thing I did on this quilt--and I sure did surprise myself with that one--was to quilt some spirals here and there. I have wanted to branch out and learn to free-motion quilt spirals one of these days. And suddenly, I was doing it. There they were! (forgot to take a picture of them, sorry) For some of you out there, this may not be a big deal. But for someone like me, who has had to struggle with Fear of Free-Motion, this was MAJOR. I foresee a lot of spirals in my free-motion future--and loops. And flowers.
Oooh. There is going to be no stopping me!

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Susan, it's lovely. Is there any chance we, in our group, will get to see your new free motion quilting? Look forward to it.