Friday, August 13, 2010

Leaders & Enders Project

By now I think everyone has heard about Bonnie Hunter's "leaders & enders" method of piecing. This quilt top was pieced like that. I was working on piecing a different quilt. At the end of every seam, instead of cutting the thread I would just slip in a couple of these 4 1/2" squares under the needle. After sewing them together, I sewed another seam on my first quilt top. Just kept alternating between one quilt and the other. In this way, there was always something under the needle, I saved time and thread, and got two quilt tops pieced at the same time. Now I just have to put the borders on this one, and the
top will be done.
This was a really fun way of doing things, and I feel like I got two quilts for the price of one!

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