Friday, September 3, 2010

What a Busy Week!

This was a busy week. But Monday was definitely the highlight. Our group, the Zahava Quilters from Beitar, took a field trip to Debbie's house in Jerusalem. Debbie is an amazingly talented and prolific quilter, and had so many wonderful projects to show us. You can see a lot of them on Etty's blog, Quilter's Corner.
Here are a couple of my favorites, Dear Jane, and a lovely paper-pieced mini quilt. I love those Dear Jane quilts, but am content to look at the ones other people are making--this quilt is definitely not in my future!
More of Debbie's quilts in my next post.

And Monday was also the unveiling of the Big Secret we had been keeping under wraps since April...a Friendship quilt made for Etty, our lovely hostess, who opens her home and her heart to us every single week. She has taught most of the ladies in the group to quilt, and she was the one who invited me to the meetings. Our love and appreciation of her are very real.
Everyone made a block (well, I had to make three so it would come out square) and we all signed our names and wrote little sentiments in the centers. Etty's husband told us when her birthday would be, so we timed the giving of the quilt with that. I can't believe he didn't let the cat out of the bag, but it looks like he didn't--she was really surprised! Etty, enjoy your quilt, and use in the best of health!
More great pictures of Etty and her quilt on Debbie's blog, Jerusalem Fiber Notes.

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