Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Rerun from yesterday

Yesterday I posted these pictures, but they didn't show up in my blog. So today I am posting them again for those of you who couldn't see them.
I was walking around downtown Jerusalem and passed by an old house with a walkway that was paved with these tiles. Kind of like elongated baby blocks, no?
Either they ran out of tiles, or some of them needed to be replaced. So look what they used--love that Liberated look. Especially the checkerboard.

Love love love spirals. I don't know why. Love how this one was put up on the fence, in a frame.

And lastly, we had been talking about Flying Geese in our quilt group in the morning. When I got home, I was feeling inspired. Had always made those Flying Geese blocks with the little square you sew on the corners. This time I decided to finally try the method I had been reading about all over the place--a quick piecing method that makes 4 blocks at once and no waste! You quilters who make the Flying Geese with the corner square method know how much waste that one makes. Well, the only waste left over from making my 36 Flying Geese blocks was a little teensy microscopic pile of "dog-ears". I'll take a photo to show you tomorrow. Too tired tonight. I went with Menucha and my sister and her son to see the new Harry Potter movie, and we came home late. I'll also take a photo of What I Made from the Flying Geese blocks. Something I never thought I would make. 8-)

Good night, all!
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Debbie said...

I'm surprised you didn't make those flying geese scrappy, Susan! I know you certainly have enough blues!

sarafiedler@gmail.com said...

Susan I look forward to you teaching ME!! They look beautiful.

Blogless me said...

I did not immediately realise it was a walkway - I thought it was a flimsy, put next to a wall for a picture to be taken ;-)