Friday, August 26, 2011

Back from the Beach

We have lived in Israel for 14 years now, but always went back to the States in the summer for my husband's work. This was our first summer spent entirely in Israel (with the exception of Menucha, who went to Houston). This week we finally caught on to what other Israelis already know--in the summer, we go to the beach!
A special bus was chartered to go from our neighborhood to the beach in Bat Yam, a suburb of Tel Aviv. We went for the first time on Tuesday. The bus left Jerusalem at 12:30 and we arrived at 1:30 in Bat Yam. We had a glorious 3 hours at the beach. I took Menucha and also Temima, my 11 year old granddaughter. I'd forgotten how wonderful the ocean is, and spent most of the time playing in the waves with Temima. We arrived home tired and covered with sand, but extraordinarily happy.
Menucha enjoyed herself so much, she asked to go back again on Thursday, which we did. Now I feel like we had a real summer.

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QuiltinMama said...

Our kids put their feet in the ocean for the first time earlier this month and had a blast doing it! It was by far our best vacation ever. I'm glad you and the girls got to make some memories of your own :)

Carolyn said...

Wow! That water looks gorgeous!