Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Party is Over

Miss Menucha is back from the States, and now our six-week "vacation" is over. She had a great time in Houston, enjoyed her work as a junior counselor in camp, and now we have to find ways to occupy her until school starts. Right now she's still quite jet-lagged, so I am taking advantage of the quiet hours to get some transcription done. Will have to juggle Menucha, work, and (maybe, just maybe) some sewing.

Over the last couple of weeks, I pulled out all the thrifted shirts I have been collecting, cut them up, ironed them, and decided on what to do with them. Here is block #1, almost finished. Have planned out two or three quilts, and when I have the tops made I will stop collecting shirts for the time being. Boy do they take up a lot of space! As if I wasn't already pretty embarrassed about my stash, the shirt collection really throws it over the top.

I think I am heading into another year of austerity, and trying to use up the fabric I have. I was pretty good this summer. Even though Menucha was in Houston, and would have brought back whatever fabric I wanted, I managed to limit it to one charm pack (all right, TWO) of Civil War reproduction fabric. And two packages of batting, on sale at Joann's online. That was it. I have one UFO basted and ready for quilting, and am trying to work down my pile of flimsies to zero this year. A nice fantasy, right? Sometimes some honesty is required, and looking the stash straight in the face and admitting--it's time to use some of this up! And it's time to finish up these UFOs! I'm really trying. And I'm trying to be sure to enjoy the process, whenever I get the chance to sit down at the machine. After all, that's really what it's about, pursuing an interest that one enjoys and loves.
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Quilting Corner said...

This is going to be a cute quilt. I can't seem to find such nice shirts to cut up. I should also try to use up my stash but I love to shop for fabric. It's sooooooo hard not to buy fabric.
Hugs, Etty

QuiltinMama said...

Okay...what are 'flimsies'? I hope no one EVER sees my fabric stash or my book collection! I tell my mother I can never die because there's too much to read and sew!!
Happy quilting,

Roxanne said...

That fabric stash can take over the household before the stash collector knows what happened! LOL It ends up in every room, in drawers, in baskets, in plastic bins. I also vow to use what I have already but what about having just the right fabric for making new kitchen curtains? Uh oh, back to the fabric store!

Carolyn said...

Yay! She's back...and she sure is a cutie!