Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Sweet Day Trip

The day was dawning.  The view from our window was soft and misty.
 By 10:30 we were on the road.  On our way to Ofakim, a small development town in the south.  Not much time to stop and take pictures, just speeding along. I loved these reeds, growing wild on the side of the road.

 We were going to Ofakim, but on the way we had an important stop to make...the Ben & Jerry's outlet store. 
 All the signs are in Hebrew and English.
 Welcome to the store!  Moo!
 Lots of cow-y picnic tables out front.  You and the kids can sit and enjoy your ice cream outside.
 So many choices!  What should we get?  Yes, we ended up buying 8 pints.
 A sign near the checkout.
 The salesgirl.  She was so shy and I had to convince her to smile for the picture.


QuiltinMama said...

Tell me you ate some Pistacio, Pistacio for is THE BEST STUFF EVER!!!

Roxanne said...

Ben and Jerrys...Yum! But that view from your window is awesome. To wake up to it every morning tops Ben and Jerrys!

Quilting Corner said...

What a fun place to go to. I didn't know it was there.

The 2 Spies said...

I'll have to make a day trip just for the nostalgia of being in Ben & Jerry's... never mind all the flavors to choose from!