Thursday, October 13, 2011

Gone AWOL!

I have been "missing in action" for a while on this blog. Where has the time flown to? Well, for one thing, we have been busy with the holidays. This is an intensive time of year, starting with the Jewish New Year, followed a week later by Yom Kippur, and now we are celebrating the Succot (Tabernacles) holiday.
Our local mall always features seasonal decorations. We were there lately and here is what they put up for the New Year:
Lovely birds with colored hearts, delivering New Year wishes.

Actually we were there because our dentist's office is in the mall. So we got to combine some oral hygiene with a pleasant stroll around the mall, looking at all the shops. (That's DD Menucha going down the escalator. Look, she's got the bag she sewed a couple of weeks ago, hanging from her shoulder!)

You may remember our little kitties from when they fit in the palm of our hands. When we got them, their eyes were barely open. Now they are big. They're still not grown cats, so we call them our "teenagers". They are still great fun to play with. If you throw a toy mouse across the room, Fester (on the left with half-closed eyes) will run to fetch it and bring it back to you, just like a dog would. We have lots of toy mice, but it has to be the ratty BLUE one. It can't be a white one or a grey one. He will make you (me) throw the mouse at least 10 or 20 times before he gets tired of that game.
They both love to sleep on quilty objects, and only 100% cotton will do. Here they are, taking a cat-nap on the Sailboats quilt. As you can see, I had the binding partially sewn down, but they wouldn't let me sew in peace. Wednesday (on the right) has to play with the needle and thread while I'm trying to stitch--so I gave up and let them lie on the quilt instead.

Lots of other quilty projects going on. Most of them are related to finishing up UFOs and WIPs. Trying to diminish stash, however nothing seems to work. :)

One thing I'm doing is trying to use some of my batiks, which I've been collecting for a while. Saw a great Shoo-fly quilt on Malka Dubrawsky's website, Stitch in Dye, and thought that it would be perfect for the batiks lingering on my shelf. Here is Block #1. So simple, fresh, and fun. After the holidays end, I hope to get some more blocks pieced.
Well, that's my report from here, just to bring you up to date a bit. The next week and a half will be spent cooking, feeding LOTS of people, enjoying family, and hopefully taking some day trips during the holiday. 
Renee S., I'll try to post a little more often. Thanks for reminding me!
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Quilting Corner said...

Thanks for the update. I like the new block and the little kittens. I hope to have more updates from you soon.
Fondly, Etty

QuiltinMama said...

My dog lays across my feet when I'm sewing...nice in winter, but she's about 60 pounds!

Roxanne said...

What sweet kitties! And just my take on it Susan: Fabric stashes never diminish. They take on the reproductive capabilities of wild rabbits. Blink at them and they double before your eyes! said...

Susan, I cannot believe you let those cats lay on your quilts :(. Pleeeassse don't let them lie on mine. I like the new block and I'm looking forward to seeing what you are doing with them. Have a wonderful chag enjoying your family. Don't work toooo hard.

esty said...

I like your block. I still haven't decided what to do with all my batiks. One day I will tackle them. Kittens are cute but i still don't like them, only big cats like lions and tigers. glad you updated your blogspot, I was getting worried. Have a gut yom tov.
saw my mention.