Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Quilts are Everywhere

Last week, so many ladies showed up for our Bible class/quilt meeting, that Etty decided to move the group to the synagogue across the street from her house.  So that was where we met yesterday.  I always go by bus from my house in Jerusalem to her house in Beitar, and yesterday was no different.  The only difference was that yesterday I arrived tired and nauseous.  That was a first for me. The room was a bit cool, and I just kept my winter coat on.  The result was that I probably fell asleep during our class and missed out on some of it.  Also that I was too tired and ooky-feeling to take any pictures of the lovely room we were using, the fantastic finished quilt Rena brought to show, or any of the lovely ladies who were there. One of them was making jewelry as we listened to the teacher.  She makes the most stunning beaded creations.  Hopefully next week I will feel up to photographing some of them.
After the class, Etty showed us around the synagogue.  The sanctuary was beautiful and peaceful-feeling.  But what really caught my attention was this design in the  middle of the entryway to the building.  I love that star in the center, and how they surrounded it with a round design.  You can find great ideas for quilts anywhere!

After the meeting ended, I headed back to Jerusalem and made a stop at our local mall to pick up a winter coat for my 2 year old grandson, Itamar.  This mall is always decorated with things appropriate to the season.  This time it was decorated in anticipation of the Hanukka holiday, which is coming in a couple of weeks. Look at these cute little draydels!
 A closeup of the draydel.


Roxanne said...

I'm so sorry you weren't feeling well. It sounds like the ladies had a great time.

QuiltinMama said...

Hope you're feeling better soon.

Quilting Corner said...

I'll have to see that mall someday. They are great at decorating.