Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Getting Out of the House

Well, it wasn't much, but we did get out a bit today.  My husband has been so tired and having a hard recovery, but I felt we needed to get moving a little and see some other human beings (besides doctors and MRI technicians) for a change. So first we went to the Walmart and picked up my new eyeglasses (they look the same as the old ones, but with new lenses) and then we went to a new eatery here in town, Dougie's.  A regular steak-and-burger joint, but a little more upscale in the decor and really nice wait staff.  They just opened up a couple of weeks ago and so far they've been doing really well. 
My husband went for a burger with all the trimmings, and I took a chili dog.  The family vegetarian, ME, got a chili dog. You have to understand. My husband has for the most part lost his appetite, and I only went to this place because I knew that when he walked in and smelled the food he would perk up and eat a good supper. And if I got something to eat too, well, that would really help him.  So I made the ultimate sacrifice and ordered a chili dog. It was the moral imperative.


Debbie said...

You didn't say how the chili dog was!

Roxanne said...

I'm glad the two of you got out and got some fresh air. It sounds like your hubby is progressing. Hang in there. You'll be going home before you know it.