Sunday, January 15, 2012

Missing my Home

I've been in Baltimore for a week now, and am starting to miss my home in Jerusalem. Especially since the weather here has become bitterly cold, something I haven't experienced in years now. Our winter in Jerusalem is so temperate, we have sun most days and the temperatures are cool but comfortable most of the time. Not so in Baltimore, where the wind is whistling around the house all night and I have to run from the house to the car when we go out, and then from the car to the store/pharmacy/etc. I was looking through my pictures and came across this funny lion statue from Jerusalem. You can find lion statues of all sorts all around the city. I think there was a competition some years back, where various artist were asked to create their own interpretations of the lion, which is the symbol of the city.
I always like this one--with its wings and the bird perched on its head, I think it's kind of funny.

And it reminds me of my home.
Many thanks to all of you who left such wonderful comments with wishes for my husband's recovery.  And Lynn, I so much appreciate your offer of assistance!  You are set at no-reply blogger, so I couldn't answer you to your e-mail, but I am sooo grateful to you.  All the best.Posted by Picasa

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Roxanne said...

Hugs to you Susan. Stay warm!