Friday, February 17, 2012

Progress Report

I am moving along on my scrappy project, and have almost half of the blocks done.
Am loving the way all the different fabrics are working together in this quilt. Although I thought it would be making more of a dent in the stash by now. Seems to be common with scrap quilts--the more scraps you use, the more there seem to be in the bin. Have you ever found that to be the case?

Have invented a new word while working on this project.  Well, someone has probably used it before me, but anyways.  I have decided to call this "de-stashing". You know how there is "de-cluttering"? Well, now there is de-stashing. Getting rid of the stash. Some years back there was a popular bumper sticker, "She who dies with the most fabric wins".  Oh no, not me!  I've decided I would like to have all my fabric used up and sewed into quilts before I die. (morbid way of thinking, isn't it?) Kind of like a quilter's way of "getting her affairs in order??  I'll tell you, the more "estate sales" I see on eBay, selling off quilt blocks that were never assembled into quilts, quilt tops that were labored over--many of them completely hand-pieced--and never quilted, fabric that someone collected but never used, the more I would like to make sure my stuff never ends up like that.  I've already told the kids, after I'm gone I do NOT want to see my stuff up on eBay!  I mean it!

Have a great weekend. We may be in for some snow here in Jerusalem. But you never know for sure.  
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Roxanne said...

Your scrappy quilt is looking wonderful. And I agree, de-stashing doesn't work. It always seems to multiply the fabric left behind! In reminds me of a 'Startrek' episode where a cute little animal named a trible infested the ship and was found in every nook and cranny. said...

Susan I love this pattern and look forward to you teaching it to me. :)
It looks so good.

Carolyn said...

De-stashing is an amazing feeling! I love using up what I have! And the quilt is looking amazing!

Quilting Corner said...

This quilt looks like a great way to use up lots of scrap fabrics. Great idea. I like your new background for you blog too.