Monday, March 26, 2012

Out of control?

Honey Bun Quilt
Or just plain fun?  Here are some of the things I'm working on--I just have so much quilt fun going on!   First up is my Honey Bun Race quilt. Of course, because I made the silly thing with a Honey Bun instead of a Jelly Roll, it came out a little funny. But not to worry, I chopped off the part that didn't come out right and am using it for some nice piano key borders all around. Should have a picture of that for you soon. In the meantime, my assistant Wednesday is trying the quilt top out. I think she approves! Especially since the pink in the fabric picks up the pink in her adorable collar. Wednesday is ALL GIRL and her collars all have to be pink. And yes, if you're wondering, she's named after Wednesday from the Addams Family. There were four kittens in the litter, and we named them all for members of the Addams Family. There were Morticia and Gomez (Gomez turned out to be a girl), and Fester and Wednesday. The ones who still live with us are Fester and Wednesday.

This little quilt is from a pattern by Gwen Marston from her Liberated String Quilts book, my absolute favorite.  You may remember I pieced it last year and put a horrible yellow border around it.  That border was promptly removed and the quilt waited around until I realized that a black border would be just right. So now I am almost finished hand quilting the center. The borders will be quilted with Baptist Fans. I can't resist them.  In case you're wondering, all these little pieces were left over from cutting my Dresden Plate wedges from charm squares. I couldn't bring myself to throw the scraps away, they were too darned cute, and here's where they ended up! 

And as if I hadn't already started enough projects, here's one from a different pattern in the same book. I love these little baskets!  In the past I have always hand-appliqued basket handles. But Gwen recommends sewing the handles to the background using a small machine stitch right next to the edge. I finally got up the courage to try it, and guess what! It works! What a timesaver, and it looks nice and neat. Those little stitches really don't show.

The baskets themselves are great fun. They are like little mini crazy quilts, and each one is different. A great way to use up those scraps.  
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Roxanne said...

You are a busy lady! These quilts are all beautiful. I like the black border that you decided on. It looks like Wednesday approves of your work too!

Quilting Corner said...

Work, work, work. You sure are busy. Everything is wonderful so keep on working. You've given me so may ideas.

noga quilts said...

Your string quilt is beautiful - and the black border matches it perfectly!