Thursday, March 15, 2012

Signs of Spring

Today is another dark and rainy day here in Jerusalem. But living in a water-starved region as we do, we never complain about rainy weather--ever! Soon our rainy season will end, so we are grateful for whatever rain we receive while it lasts.  
Yesterday I took the bus to the library on the other side of town, and we passed a lovely little public garden. I love seeing the tulips in bloom and thought the contrast with the pinetree-shaped purple plants was beautiful. Even though the picture was taken through the window of the bus, I think the colors show up pretty well.
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QuiltinMama said...

We've had a very mild winter..makes me cringe to think what summer will be like! Enjoy all that rain...btw, what ARE those purple pine-trees? They're really pretty.

Roxanne said...

Lovely! I can't get enough of spring flowers.