Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring is Springing!

Things here are quite busy, with the Passover holiday just around the corner. There's lots to do in preparation.  Rather than get caught up in the stressfulness of it all, I try to get out for walks around the neighborhood.  Have to check out that fig tree to see how it's coming along.  Here you can see how big the leaves have gotten, and look! those little balls hanging on to the branch are little baby figgies! I was always a dried fig person, but now that I live next door to a real live fig tree, I have started to love the taste of fresh figs.  
The other thing I do to help with the pre-holiday stress levels is...QUILT SOMETHING! In this case, it's Sara's latest Yellow Brick Road quilt. I love that pattern, and I adore the Fig Tree fabrics she chose to make this quilt with. They are so soft and there is something so earthy about them. These remind me of those cotton bedspreads from India we used to buy way back when, made with those wonderful printed cottons.
Because the fabrics are pretty busy to start with, this was quilted with a simple meander.
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noga quilts said...

How do manage to quilt on Erev pesach I don't know... And such a beautiful quilt too

Chag sameach!

Quilting Corner said...

Great job on this quilt. It looks terrific. Have a Gut Yom TOv.

Roxanne said...

Those little baby figgies are so cute! You've got me started and now I'll have to go to the store and find my own figgies! And Sara's quilt is awesome.

sarafiedler@gmail.com said...

Susan I cannot wait to see this one! Maybe I will get the binding cut before the chag?? and then be ready to finish it up when I get it.

Brown Dirt Cottage said...

What a great place to stroll/take walks. We LOVE figs!!

Great Yellow Brick, soft and pleasing to the eye. Hope you get it finished soon!!!