Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Summer Quilt

A summer quilt...for a summer baby. Our daughter gave birth to a baby girl last Monday morning. Christine and I had made up to meet the Beitar quilters in Jerusalem at the annual retreat of the Israel Quilters Association that day--right around the corner from the hospital where the baby was born. So we hung out with the gals, ate lunch, scored some pretty nice fabric from the vendors (I got some GORGEOUS Kaffe fat quarters to add to my collection), and then Christine dropped me off at the hospital to get a peek at the new baby.  When I got there, I learned that there had been some postnatal complications, and serious ones at that, and for the first time ever I didn't take any pictures of the new baby. But thank God mom and baby are doing fine, they came home on Thursday, and everything is back to normal.  On Thursday morning, I pulled out some charm squares and sewed them together, and today I did the quilting and binding. I was pretty tired of hand-stitching bindings, having done a number of them lately, and decided to machine stitch the binding this time. In fact, my laziness level was so high, I just pulled the fabric from the back around to the front and stitched it in place just like that. And it came out perfect.  No cutting and ironing binding, a tedious task at best. I could get used to doing things this way.
Anyways, now it's in the washer and from there to the dryer, to get all nice and wrinkly. Funny how the dryer takes the wrinkles OUT of my husband's shirts, but puts the wrinkles IN to the quilts, just the way I like them. The Mysteries of the Universe. :)


Roxanne said...

Congratulations on the new grandbaby! And sometimes you just have to take the easy way with a quilt...It looks great.

Quiltin Mama said...

Congrats on your new granddaughter and that both she and mom are doing well!