Thursday, August 15, 2013

Keeping Busy!

This has been a VERY busy summer, and it's still not over. There has been a lot of traveling and visiting with family, and not so much sewing. But I finally managed to get a little done this week:
Sara and Etty both handed me bags of scraps lately and my scrap bins were OVERFLOWING! And you know what I do when life hands me scraps...I start quilting!
I never saw a spiderweb quilt made with blue "kites" before, but my favorite blue just JUMPED out at me from the shelf so I knew this was The One. It takes a pretty intense color to stand up to all these powerful scraps, and so far this little blue seems to be holding its own.
I'm not sure how big this will end up, but will probably just keep making blocks until I run out of the blue fabric--trust me, I will NEVER run out of scraps. At least that's what it feels like. Do you ever get that feeling too?
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Roxanne said...

My scrap bag overfloweth too! Never ending just like housework but, oh, so much more fun. :)

Christine @ sew bossi said...

I am just starting to get scraps now. Like you, I am sure I will find use for them, but indeed they can take over at times.
Hope you are well!

Quilting Corner said...

This will be a great quilt. It's so, so lively.